Lingerie For Every Body

shirt lingerie

Hello, lovelies! Let’s talk about one of my absolute favorite things: lingerie!

Each and every item we carry in the Someplace Images Client Wardrobe has been hand-selected by me, only choosing to carry the most flattering pieces for any body type! However, there are a handful of pieces that our clients tend to gravitate towards because they are definitely a crowd favorite, and I tend to agree!

Why do we love these pieces? For starters, they are very flattering for most body types! If you haven’t noticed yet, I am ALL ABOUT body inclusivity and strive to raise up every single person I meet. EVERY body is a boudoir body, and I MEAN IT.

When you show up for your shoot, together we will go through any lingerie you may have brought with you as well as the client wardrobe selections I have brought along specifically for YOU. I will never put you in something you hate, something that makes you horribly uncomfortable, or something that you won’t feel like an absolute goddess in by the time I am done with you!

Without further adieu…my FAVE selections from the client wardrobe!

The Body Chain(s)! 

gold body chain; princess leia bikini

I adore body chains and have them available in several different styles and colors including silver, gold, and rose gold! The textures are so fun to photograph and really add something extra to your shoot. I highly prefer these nude (gasp! — seriously, they look AMAZING against your skin!), but they look stunning over a bodysuit, too. No-one is required to go nude, but most find they are so comfortable by the end of their session that they’re up for the task! 

Body chains tend to scare some people but damn, do they look freaking HOT in photos. We usually tend to use the body chains during the “in the sheets” portion of the shoot or for some wall poses and they are a real crowd pleaser lemme tell you!

This specific one is the Modern “Princess Leia”, and it’s easy to see why! Just the right blend of vintage Hollywood glamour with a modern twist, you can fulfill every luxurious (or nerdy!) fantasy with this piece!

The Bodysuit

crushed velvet blue bodysuit lingerie

This particular bodysuit is one of the newer pieces here at the studio and it has easily become one of my favorites! We love this deep blue velvet color. The interesting strap details in the front and an eye-catching cutout in the back make this piece really unique. It’s flattering on ALL skin tones and body types!!

We love all of our bodysuits and some clients shy away from wanting to wear one, thinking that it will cut in odd ways; but it ends up being one of their favorite pieces from their shoot…especially the ones with the “sneaky” sexy cut-outs or sheer parts! 

The Lace Dress

lace dress lingerie

Available in all sizes (in turquoise, burgundy, white, and black!), this lace dress is one of our only dress styles, and it’s the perfect mix of conservative and sexy. The long sleeves add variety to your session, while the soft rose pattern covers you in juuuuust the right places!

The lace dress is probably one of the most used pieces ever. With inclusive sizing available and a wide color variety, this is sure to make you feel elegant and sexy! I always suggest putting a client into at least one long-sleeved piece, which makes the lace dress the perfect accent piece to stand out in your shoot.

The Bougie Robe!

bougie robe lingerie

Being in this piece literally makes you feel like you want to lounge and be fed grapes.  This robe will absolutely make you feel like royalty and everyone needs a little bit of that in their lives!

Simple, but luxurious, the robe looks amazing with anything (or nothing!) underneath! It’s definitely a studio favorite and one of our most iconic pieces. We miiiiiight be adding this in another color soon, too — but this champagne and black robe literally matches everything!

THE Shirt.

shirt lingerie shirt lingerie

You’ve probably seen this a time–or twenty–in our Facebook community…it truly is a favorite! Ever so slightly sheer, with a keyhole slit, high neck, and very “poofy” sleeves that look like they might be ridiculous but are SO flattering! It’s best paired with a pair of black undies to make it look like a bodysuit, but also looks great with our illusion thigh highs!

Every Body Is A Lingerie Body

lace dress lingerie

While not every piece of lingerie is made for every body, every body is made for lingerie. I promise you that there is the PERFECT piece(s) out there for you, and I will absolutely have some of those pieces ready for you when you schedule a boudoir session with me!

If you have questions about boudoir or are ready to get started and schedule (and slay!) your own boudoir session, contact me today!



gold body chain; princess leia bikini





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