If you're looking to have an intimate experience as a couple, to reconnect with your partner or to just capture the intimacy between the two of you, a couples boudoir session is the solution. Focusing on setting aside the mundane patterns we often fall into with our partners, couples boudoir sessions are designed to deepen your relationship and express parts of your intimate life that may not often be celebrated. Let us help you seize the vulnerable, beautifully raw moments, and cherish the natural chemistry created by the love you share.  

We believe that working with a photographer that is body positive, passionate and open minded to creating a comfortable environment will give you a one of a kind experience. We thrive getting to create lasting, beautiful artwork that can be used to celebrate your relationship and intimacy over and over again. We will explore the best options to make you and your partner the most comfortable during your session. Don't miss the opportunity to connect more intimately and cherish a reflection of your dedication to one another. 

capture the intimacy shared between the two of you


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What Carly produced absolutely made my jaw drop. The photos are incredible. I keep asking myself - is that me?! She created a comfortable, fun atmosphere to help us loosen up and walked us through each pose, outfit, and room to get an idea of what spaces we would be using in our apartment and how we should pose. 

- Sara

jaw dropping

I am, without a doubt, body positive. If you have a body, I think it’s beautiful. 
Consider me a guide to this crazy world of self-love and self-care. I’m the friend that will always be there, but also remind you that you have to help yourself. That you must be kind to yourself in the way that you are to others- to speak to your body in a way that you speak to others. I’ll remind you that every morning, you have to wake up and choose you, and to love you. 

I’ll tell you now, it’s not easy. I do it with humor, with my dorky laughter, love of underwear, with wearing bikinis and loving my butt that so dramatically doesn’t fit into the size jeans I wish I wore. 

I’m a huge dork, who does happy dances when I create an image that makes me giddy. Quite literally, being a photographer makes me the happiest I have ever been (I’ve been shooting professionally for 12 years, and even have a BFA in Photography), and photographing ALL bodies brings me a joy I truly haven’t been able to describe. 

I’m a traveler, best friends with my mom, warm weather lover, sassy, risqué, loud, little bit of a princess, boss babe, confident, body positive woman that wants you to feel as outwardly beautiful as your soul is. 

I love creating, connecting and more than anything.... 

About me:

giving confidence


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