" Shooting our couples boudoir session with Carly was a phenomenal, truly one of a kind experience. Let me start off by saying that neither my fiance or I think we're particularly "photogenic" people, and we each feel somewhat awkward in front of a camera, but recently getting engaged, we were really excited to create a gorgeous set of photos that would document us at our "finest" (aka our youngest and most fit!) before our wedding, and boy - she did not disappoint! What Carly produced absolutely made my jaw drop. The photos are incredible. I keep asking myself - is that me?! She created a comfortable, fun atmosphere to help us loosen up and walked us through each pose, outfit, and room to get an idea of what spaces we would be using in our apartment and how we should pose. Her exploration and creative use of our small apartment was mind blowingly creative. Her bubbly energy is impossible not to catch and helps you feel right at home! Carly wholeheartedly supports her clients wishes and boundaries, and have I mentioned that her lingerie wardrobe is incredible?! So many different patterns, colors, fabrics, fits, and sizes to choose from! From picking out lingerie to hair and makeup to the shoot itself, Carly not only proved herself to be an amazing boudoir photographer, but an amazing supporter of love. My fiance and I are truly head over heels and OBSESSED with the final product. It will truly be a cherished album of photos for the rest of our lives. Book a shoot with her and you will not regret the incomparable customer service you receive!"

- Sara