"What is it like to work with Someplace Images?"


"I loved how much I laughed, I loved getting to dress up and be different, getting to be sexy and show off. Being in FRONT of the camera for a change, and being the performer! I spend so much of my life encouraging those things out of other people that getting to do it myself was amazing."

- Magda,
Charlotte, NC

body love

"I was gifting myself this session for my 45th birthday and i wasn't feelin great about my body....this session was exactly what the doctor ordered because it cured my lack of body love ....thank you Carly Someplace. I adore you and modeling for you and the work you do helping other woman feel glorious in their body."

- Farida

rock star

"I feel like a total pin up girl in it!!!! I was so very excited to do the shoot. I couldn't wait to see how it all turned out since my sister's shoot was so awesome. Carly you helped calm all my nerves and made me feel totally at home and like a rock star. I loved every minute of it!"

- Tiffany


Having struggled to be confident in my post baby body, my session was an UNBELIEVABLE boost to my body image and self confidence! ... I think one of my favorite aspects was showing up with a bare face and not seeing the true result of my transformation until we had taken a few shots and Carly shared the preview on her camera screen. Dayum. That little sneak peek lit a part of my soul in a way that hadn't happened for far too long. 

- Robin

straight sexy

I felt comfortable, LOVED and just strait seeeeeexy!! I was nervous that the voice in my head that always compares me to every other woman in this world would chime in and tell me that I didn’t look good enough and it was all a waste of time.... but it stayed quiet for the first time in a long time... 
and literal tears filled my eyes because I truly thought that the woman in those pictures was beautiful. 

- Hayley


My session experience was an amazing, sweaty, glamorous, belly laughing afternoon. I couldn’t have had more fun with you, Carly - you radiate body positivity and my level of comfort exceeded expectations! ... I am so blessed to be one of your boudoir babes and look forward to more sessions in the future.

- Stephanie


I was pretty nervous, but that subsided rather quickly (because it’s pretty damn hard to be nervous around someone as amazing as Carly!). She really knew what she was doing and made me feel more than comfortable being in front of the camera. ...Looking through all of the pictures that she got of me made me feel fierce and so self confident, which is what I really needed.

- Katherine


What I appreciated the most were her words of encouragement as she took each picture. She “oohs and ahhs” and you feel how genuine each one is. She is a master of what she does and I am thankful for not only meeting Carly, but for the impression she has left on me. I carry my head a little higher and sway my hips with a little more attitude ;).

- Mackenzie


I felt like Beyoncé my entire shoot. Carly's positivity, fun nature, and laid back vibe made me completely at ease. There were fun outfits provided, as well as pose coaching (So I looked like I knew what I was doing). I left my shoot feeling sexy, confident and empowered. I’m obsessed with my photos, and think every woman should feel the vitality that is Someplace Images.

- Amanda


My session with Carly allowed me to be me. And to discover how beautiful I am. She gave me the opportunity to see myself in photographs in a way I never had before. She made me feel so comfortable and was so encouraging. This was one of the best moments of my life. 

- Juliet