Meet the Ambassador: Tina

Someplace Images Brand Ambassador Tina

Why hello friends!

I am SO EXCITED to introduce you to this week’s #womancrushwednesday! This badass babe helped to launch Punk Rock Saves Lives, a nonprofit organization devoted to changing the world through the punk rock community. Tina is so vibrant, and her strength just astounds me every single day.  When Magda invited her to the Someplace Boudoir Facebook community, I’m sure Tina never expected what was ahead!

Tina the Brand Ambassador

Someplace Images Brand Ambassador Tina

Tina has been an absolute delight to have on the team this year. This girl has had some hard hits, but she still finds a way to light the room with her smile and laughter! I took some time to catch up with Tina and find out more about her personal experience as my brand ambassador!

What makes you the most excited about your Ambassadorship for Someplace Images?

Connecting with other women on their journey to self-love and acceptance. I have felt so alone in feeling that I was less of a woman, worrying about gaining weight, avoiding the mirror….etc. I felt I could love everything about a stranger yet nothing about myself. Helping other women on this journey of love has helped me grow with others. There is such a connection in being an ambassador that fills the soul.

How Has Being An Ambassador Impacted Your Life?

Being an ambassador has made getting through 2020 a little easier. I have a lot of sadness and some anger about the obscene amount of unfortunate events that has happened personally this year. This community and this group has been my saving grace in the darkest of times.

Tina’s Favorites

Someplace Images Brand Ambassador Tina

Color – Purple

Animal  – Dogs (pet) Panther (wild) — ever since being a 90s kid and watching That’s So Weird on the Disney Channel.

Snack – Chips & Dip

Meal/Cuisine – Anything Mexican — I love salsa!

Dessert – Tiramisu

CandyReese’s peanut butter egg FROZEN

Coffee House Drink – CARAMEL latte

Cocktail – Manhattan

Dream Travel Destination – Ireland will ALWAYS have my heart.

Social Media Platform – Instagram

Hobby  – Haha I don’t remember. I dream to crochet!

Board Game – Risk

Someplace Images Brand Ambassador Tina Someplace Images Brand Ambassador Tina

Movie – Anything Hallmark 😂

TV Show – New Girl, Dr. Who, Agents of Shield, Great British Bakeoff, Buffy; anything supernatural!

Author – Neil Gaiman

BooksAlice in Wonderland, Eragon, Fifty Shades (not sorry!), The Sandman, Good Omens, Fragile Things, Harry Potter — I went to every midnight release for the books!

Playlist for a Bad Day  – We Banjo 3 anything

Tattoo artist  – Jessie Super in Denver, Rick Aggro in Florida, Chris Cleary in Pittsburgh, Billy Herring in Rochester

Inspirational Quote – “Look for the helpers. You will always find people helping.”

Smell – Eucalyptus

Holiday – Seriously ALL OF THEM

Season – FALL

Decade – 1920s

Just For Funsies!

Someplace Images Brand Ambassador Tina Someplace Images Brand Ambassador Tina

Tina and I connected to dive even deeper!

Talk about some of your tatts (if you have them)!

I have MANY tattoos. The fun ones:


My dogs in the Lion King

Sailor Pluto scepter

My dog as my Patronus against a dementor

My worst tattoo is a skull iah drawing meant to be terrible. It’s a tribute to my friend’s Jim tattoo he got as a kid. Mine kind of turned out like a bad mighty ducks tattoo 😂😂

I have tattoos for loved ones who passed:

“I love you pap” in my paps writing

“I’ve lived too long” for my yiayia (her saying to me)

A Kiwanis logo for my mother

Many more…

Someplace Images Brand Ambassador Tina

How have you been spending quarantine?

A lot of nature activities, some home projects.

How do you decompress? Do you have a favorite self-care routine?

I just started taking baths with Epsom salts. Typically going out into nature. I am trying hard to self-care more. It’s hard.

Ask my hairstylist…I just started conditioning! haha

Where is your “happy” place?

Anywhere by running water…I love a good rock in the forest by a running creek or stream.

What’s your Hogwarts House?

100 percent Hufflepuff

Who would be your Disney sidekick?


If you wrote an autobiography right now, what would the title be?

When Life Throws Lemons at Your Face

One Last Note From Tina

Someplace Images Brand Ambassador Tina

“Be unafraid to be yourself. The last year I have been up and down about my own body and self…that’s ok. Live in the moments you need but never take your body for granted. It does so much GOOD for you.”




 Someplace Images Brand Ambassador Tina

Someplace Images Brand Ambassador Tina

Someplace Images Brand Ambassador Tina

Someplace Images Brand Ambassador Tina

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Someplace Images Brand Ambassador Tina