Favorite Places to Buy Lingerie

Body Inclusive boudoir by Someplace Images

Hello, lovelies!

I get asked all the time where I buy my lingerie…and now I’m going to share some of my favorite places with you! These are all super convenient, so you can order them online without disrupting your day-to-day, and there is something for every style and budget!

Whether you’re searching for a special occasion or just looking to buy a little something for yourself (I highly encourage this!), you’re sure to find something you love through one of these virtual shops!

Amber Goddess Designs

Carly Someplace in Venus from Amber Goddess Designs

Ummm…OF COURSE Amber Goddess Designs is first on my list! Newer on the scene and launched by my friend and Brand Ambassador Magda, the pieces from Amber Goddess Designs are custom made to your personal measurements by Magda herself. Not only does this mean that the pieces are the perfect fit for YOUR body; it also means that they are super comfortable! An added bonus? You’ll spend about as much on a custom set from Magda as you would for an awkward fitting, generic piece from many non-inclusive mass retailers!

Ohlàlà Chéri

Carly's Favorite Lingerie: Ohlala Cherie

Parisian-inspired and with a mission dedicated to female empowerment, Ohlàlà Chéri is high up on my list of favorites! The pieces are beautiful and seductive, and the brand is also very size-inclusive with a plus size catalog ranging from 1x-4x.

Fashion Nova

Someplace Images Brand Ambassadors wearing a bodysuit from Fashion Nova

Fashion Nova is a great one-stop-shop for tasteful fashion items on a moderate budget, and that includes their lingerie! With a diverse selection and very inclusive sizing, Fashion Nova has something for everyone…and if I had to guess, I’d probably say that about 40% of the Someplace Images client wardrobe comes from here!


Carly's Favorite Lingerie: the Amazon lace dress Carly's favorite lingerie: the Bougie Robe from Amazon

Amazon may not be the first place you think of to look for lingerie, but it actually was the source for two of my favorite wardrobe pieces: this long lace dress and the bougie robe! As a widely accessible retailer with speedy shipping for Prime subscribers, Amazon also provides an option for those who may be looking to get an item a little faster than standard shipping. (I am a full advocate for shopping small when you can, but I can also appreciate convenience!)


Carly's Favorite Lingerie: Shein

A similar concept to Fashion Nova, Shein is a great source for budget fashion. If you’re looking for good lingerie on a small budget? Shein is perfect for you! With many options often even below the $10 mark, you can also stock up your personal lingerie wardrobe with items from Shein. Very inclusive in sizing, and with many styles to choose from, I encourage you to take a peek! They even have affordable shipping!

Hips & Curves

Carly's Favorite Lingerie: Hips and Curves

If you’re looking for flattering and sexy plus-size lingerie, Hips & Curves has you covered! With sizing from 10 to 30 (M-6x), this brand has inclusion on the mind for the demographics often neglected by more mainstream brands.


Carly's Favorite Lingerie: Zaful

Another great one-stop-shop for a budget? Zaful! I am particularly fond of their velvet pieces; they are so luxurious, and you won’t believe the pricing! If you’re looking for something a little different on a smaller budget, spend some time poking around their site!


Carly's Favorite Lingerie: Yandy

I couldn’t make this list without mentioning Yandy! Super sexy with slinkier pieces that I LOVE, Yandy is both inclusive in sizing and moderately priced! Looking for a pair of sexy stockings to wear with your favorite piece? There’s a huge selection to choose from, and so much more to look at from this intimate-focused brand!

Fredericks of Hollywood

Carly's Favorite Lingerie: Fredericks of Hollywood

Ultra inclusive with plus size offerings as well as a new collection for men, Fredericks of Hollywood has a little something for everyone! From sweet and sultry to ultra sexy, you can find just the right piece for your taste.

Find the Right Style (And Budget) For You!

Lingerie for Every Body

At the end of the day, all that matters is that YOU feel sexy, happy, and comfortable in your own skin! Whether you’re going strappy and fierce or lacy and sweet, lingerie is an incredibly empowering purchase…and there truly is something perfect for every body.

Keep checking back, because I’ll likely be adding more favorites here as I discover more (and have images to share!) In the mean time, get in touch today if you’d like to schedule your own boudoir shoot to showcase your new pieces!