Meet the Assistant: Dakota

Someplace Images Marketing Assistant Dakota

Hello friends!

For this Woman Crush Wednesday, I want to celebrate someone who has been so helpful for me and my business over the last year, as well as in the future: my marketing assistant, Dakota!

You’ve probably seen her posts and comments in the Facebook group, but this woman is a gem of a person, a great friend, and an incredible asset to my team. 

We “met” through a mutual connection, and I am so glad we did; I swear this girl can read my mind sometimes, and we have big, exciting plans for the future of Someplace Images!

Dakota the Marketing Assistant

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I sat down with Dakota to talk about how we connected and what our partnership has meant for her over the last year!

How did you find the Someplace Boudoir Community?

I actually was first added to the Someplace Boudoir Facebook group by my friend Becca. She sent out a group message to a few of her trusted connections, shared a bit of her own story with her connection to Carly, and even added a few of her own boudoir images in the chat. I was so excited to find a community of women that was focused on true body positivity, not just positivity for women who look like cover girls in magazines or just the ones that look like them! Being added to the group was a life-altering experience in so many ways.

We’ve been working together since last April. What has being a part of the Someplace Images Team meant for you?

Everything. And I truly mean that. Working with Carly has been incredible; not only is she the amazing person you all get to know and interact with through the Facebook community and through shoots with her; she really is a compassionate and inspirational human being. Not only that, she will challenge you to be the best version of yourself and do things that scare you!

Over the last year and a half since my shoot, Carly and I connected and became real-life friends. She was my first freelance client, and when I was in a toxic work environment and completely miserable watching my mental health spiral, she was the one who believed in me and pushed me to become self-employed. So she not only helped me heal from the remaining pain of body dysmorphia and a teenage struggle with an eating disorder; she also helped me find the confidence and courage to take the leap into entrepreneurship!

Dakota’s Favorites

marketing assistant boudoir photo boudoir marketing assistant photo someplace images boudoir assistant dakota

Color – Red

Animal  – Hedgehog, Wolf

Snack – tea & ginger snaps

Meal/Cuisine – 

Dessert – Not too picky — I love sweets!

Candy – Sour gummy worms

Coffee House Drink – Vanilla Chai Latte

Cocktail – G&T

Dream Travel Destination – Scotland! Hopefully going Spring 2022! 🤞🏻

Social Media Platform – Instagram

Other App – Water Sort Puzzle

someplace images boudoir photo

Hobbies  – Baking, reading, jigsaw puzzles

Board Game – Scrabble

Movies – Pride & Prejudice (Keira Knightley), just about anything Disney

TV Shows – Friends, Gilmore Girls, Heartland, Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist, Letterkenny, MasterChef, Hell’s Kitchen…so many!

Authors – Jane Austen, Gayle Forman, Maggie Stiefvater

Books – The Raven Cycle by Maggie Stiefvater, Harry Potter (though not a fan of JKR), Pride & Prejudice; also enjoy historical romance just for a casual read!

Playlist for a Bad Day  – My For The Bad Days playlist; living with depression and anxiety I like to use music as an outlet.

Playlist for a Good Day Cleaning Kit by Spotify

Tattoo artist  – Eryka at Erykane Art in Meridian, Idaho

Inspirational Quote – “The beginning is always today.” Mary Wollstonecraft, the mother of modern feminism (look her up!)

Smells – Melted chocolate, warm butter and sugar, baked goods, fresh air after the rain, lavender, lilac, honeysuckle

Holiday – Halloween

Season – Fall

Decade – 50s fashion, 90s music

Just For Funsies!

someplace images marketing assistant

Dakota and I chatted about a few more things!

Talk about some of your tatts (if you have them)!

I have 6!

1st tattoo in 2013: a hummingbird on my shoulder. When I was in high school, I tried to save a young hummingbird that had been mauled by a cat. The first night, I got up every hour to feed the little guy. After three days (and the morning of my first day of Junior year…) the little guy had a clot pass through his heart and passed. I was a wreck, but it taught me a valuable lesson: even when the odds are against you, and even if you might fail, you have to keep fighting.

2nd & 3rd tattoos: “Love” on my wrist and a semi-colon on my ankle. Both are big symbols and nods to movements/non-profits in the mental health community.

4th: “Still I rise” along my collar bone. This Maya Angelou quote was my first from Eryka and done as a flash sale supporting my local Women’s and Children’s domestic violence shelter.

5th: A tattoo I’d wanted forever–little red riding hood as the wolf in her story! This thigh piece was also done by Eryka, and I LOVE it. I’m hoping to get an Alice in Wonderland one with a matching concept on my other thigh once Covid is not a concern!

6th: a geometric tattoo with a rose in the center of a diamond. This one didn’t really have a story as to why I got it, but I actually got it as Friday the 13th flash the weekend before Covid was detected in Idaho, so that’s pretty memorable!

How have you been spending quarantine?

Working from home, binge-watching Netflix with my husband, LOTS of snuggle time with Kili (our dog), and–as of November–starting my own freelance business!

someplace images boudoir marketing assistant

How do you decompress? Do you have a favorite self-care routine?

Most of my decompression is binge-watching tv episodes while mindlessly scrolling or playing a puzzle game on my phone. I like to do things I don’t really have to think about! But also: baking. I bake for fun as well as when I am emotional.

As someone who lives with depression and anxiety, my go-to self-care routine may seem small, but it’s so important for resetting myself! First a long, hot shower. Then comfortable clothes that won’t agitate. If it’s a really bad day, I put on “real clothes” and makeup to make myself feel safe and put together. Then, I put the kettle on and brew a good cup of tea. From there, I take the time to write, read, or watch a favorite movie to help soothe my mind.

Where is your “happy” place?

Snuggling with my husband and our dog.

What’s your Hogwarts House?

Proud Hufflepuff! Super disappointed in JK Rowling, but Harry Potter played a huge role in shaping me as a person and driving my passion for literature–I’m a Potterhead for life, even if I’ll never buy licensed items again.

Who would be your Disney sidekick?

Daisy Duck, because she seems like a great friend who would also keep it real!


Archimedes from The Sword in the Stone. He’s always been one of my favorites!

If you wrote an autobiography right now, what would the title be?

Shattered Expectations: A story about letting go and finding yourself along the way.

One Last Note From Dakota

someplace images marketing assistant dakota

“Body positivity doesn’t happen overnight; it takes work! You have to build your foundation and put in the effort, but it’s truly life-changing. Prioritize your mental health above all else; I promise it’s worth it!”



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