Male Boudoir Is Hot AF

Boudoir: it’s not just for the ladies!

Men are often overlooked when it comes to encouraging self-care and body positivity; just as there are “beauty standards” women face, men also have horrible standards thrust upon them. This toxic masculinity dictates not only acceptable “manly” behavior, but also sends a certain message about what it physically means to be a “real man”…and frankly? It’s a ton of bullshit.

While it may seem more “mainstream” to see boudoir images of beautiful women, boudoir, self-love, and body positivity are meant to be very inclusive. My mission with Someplace Images is simple: celebrate every body, and spread my message of self-love to as many people as possible!

Still doubt that men can or should do boudoir? Read on to learn a little more!

No, Not “Dudeoir”


First thing’s first: we need to have a conversation about male boudoir vs. “dudeoir”.

Soooo…what is “dudeoir”, you ask?

You’ve all seen the photos; men being over-the-top ridiculous to make fun of professional boudoir and pin-ups. Yeah…that’s not what I do.

What I shoot is full-out, sexy, sultry, authentic male boudoir. Fun and celebratory of your body, but the genuine serious profession of boudoir…not a mockery of it. If that’s what you’re looking for, I’m not your girl. But if you’re looking to truly embrace yourself and see your amazing body for what it is, as it is…let’s keep talking!

Empower Yourself

Men’s boudoir is SUPER empowering! You get to try something that maybe you thought wasn’t an opportunity for you. You get to learn to love how incredibly sexy your body is. Yes, your “dad bod”, too!

When you book a male boudoir shoot, you get to embrace yourself in a whole new way…and it’s pretty freaking badass!

See Yourself From A New Angle

Male boudoir shoots get to push boundaries! Sexy, strong, vulnerable; you get to showcase everything that you are.

Whether you opt for a fully nude session, partial dress, or rock a pair of boxer briefs, you are going to walk away from your men’s boudoir session feeling AMAZING. I guarantee it!

Ditch The Toxic Status Quo

Remember how I brought up those ridiculous social standards men live with?

Yeah. Fuck them.

All body types are beautiful, from those rock-hard abs to the cuddle-worthy “dad bod”. Every single one of you is a sexy beast, and you should get to feel that!

Book With A Pro

I feel like men’s Boudoir is SUPER underrated, and I want to change that!

If you want to buck the status quo, if you want to feel sexy AF, if you want to dig a little more into your own self-love: get in touch! Let’s get you behind my lens for a male boudoir session and embrace your gorgeous self just as you are.

You are just as worthy of self-love and body positivity as anyone else. So, let’s get started!