Meet the Photographer: Carly Someplace

Hey friends! Dakota the Assistant here; I wanted to give you the opportunity to see Carly through my eyes!

I first found Carly and Someplace Boudoir in 2018 when a mutual friend invited me to join a body positivity Facebook Group. At the time, I had no idea what a big difference that community would make for me, or how close I would become to the figurehead.

If you haven’t experienced time with Carly yourself, you are truly missing out. She gives us all a piece of herself every day in the group; her glow is infectious. But being around her is one of the most incredible things you could ever do for yourself!

Carly has this life-changing way of bringing out the best in people. She will give you support, and kindness, and friendship. And she will cheer you on every minute of your session and after. I have never met a more genuine person in my life.

Every day you get to interact with this amazing person, but I wanted to be able to share a little more of her with you that maybe you don’t get the chance to see in the group. So, I got Carly to sit down and answer some questions about her business, her journey, and the unique individual that is Carly Someplace!

Professional Stuff:

When did you know that you wanted to become a photographer?

Probably around 17? That’s when I took my first real photography class and completely fell in love. By the time I went to college (art school) I knew I was committing to it for real- even though I went with the intent to only minor in photography and major in Interior Design. After I took my first college photo class, I definitely knew it was exactly what I wanted to do for forever. 

When did you get your first camera?

When I was 11! My dad bought it for me as a present and I rolled through so much film in the following years that my parents made me start spending allowance money on it instead of them buying it for me. 

Did you get a professional education? Or are you self-taught?

Yes! I have a BFA in Photography from Savannah College of Art and Design in Savannah, GA. Full on, four-year degree, and two minors- printmaking and fashion. I’m constantly continuing education though- I probably take 3-4 courses a year on some aspect of business or photography, I have a mentor and quite a few peer groups for education. 

Gush about your studio (and that Airstream!)!!!

I LOVE my studio. It’s definitely small and unique, but it was built by my great-great-grandfather in the early 1930s and has been in my family the entirety of its existence. My upstairs studio floors are original to the building, as are my doors and most of my windows- except the skylights. It’s definitely not a large space…nor a space that I think most photographers would choose because it certainly has its own set of challenges like slanted ceilings and pine walls… but I love it. 

Ooooh, the Airstream! Ahhh it makes me so happy that I *finally* have it! It is definitely a work in progress, and not much has been done this summer because it’s literally a tin can, parked in the blazing Nevada sunshine, with 100 ish degree temperatures every day. I’ve got SO many big plans for it and I’m getting some different ideas of floor plans while I still disassemble everything. 

It’s a HUGE project that I’ll be doing the vast majority of the work on by myself… or with the help of my dad/friends. My amazing friend Nate builds custom tiny homes and I’m going to be hiring him on for *quite* a few things… but I still have plenty of prep work to get to that point!  It needs a lot of love after the years it was abandoned and the years it’s just been sitting, but I knew that when I took it on. I’ll be taking some time this summer for deeper renovation, and I should know by Fall if it will be on the road for 2022!

How much do you travel? Where will you travel for a shoot?

So freaking much. It generally works out to be right around 9-10 months of the year, though 2020 was definitely a bit different in that regard. To put it in perspective, when I lived in Maui for 6 weeks, it was the longest I had been in one single place since I lived with friends in Australia in 2016, and/or living at home before I moved to Australia in 2015. Quarantine definitely topped that, with me being at our ranch house for about 3 straight months before safely being able to travel again. 

Absolutely freaking anywhere. Seriously. I’ve built this whole business around travel and I’m game for pretty much anything. Anywhere in the US is super easy, international destinations take a little bit longer to plan (and my schedule is generally set about 8-10 months in advance). 

Why weddings and boudoir?

I’ve worked in the wedding industry since I was 14, I started shooting weddings at 18… and here I am at 31 still absolutely in love with weddings. I think that marriage is an amazingly beautiful thing and deserves to be documented in so many different ways. Weddings truly just make me happy- big weddings, small weddings, camping weddings, black-tie weddings… all of it. I will always have such a place for them in my heart, even though I shoot them quite a bit less now. 

And boudoir… it’s the most empowering thing I’ve ever done in my entire life. I love everything about it, and specifically, the self-growth that comes from my clients getting a session done! I love getting to show people how beautiful they are on the outside- to match how amazing they are on the inside. 

Share a message on Body Positivity. 💜

Confidence is a learned skill. Body positivity isn’t something that just magically happens, it’s the culmination of being positive about yourself- which definitely takes work and discomfort and pushing yourself out of your comfort zone… but it’s something that every human on this earth deserves to have and deserves to be a part of. All bodies are beautiful, at all points in every single person’s life. Period. 

Talk about the Facebook Group!

Ahhhhh I love our community! I won’t lie… sometimes it’s a little overwhelming to think about all the people who are in there, but I know, without a doubt that that group is changing people’s lives, self-perception and view of others bodies… and it’s the most rewarding thing ever. We have so much fun and talk about anything and everything under the sun, and I truly feel so blessed to have built a community where everyone feels they belong and want to lift others up. 

What is the most difficult part of your work? The most rewarding?

The computer work side of it. I definitely have to work hard at it every single day, and sending thousands of emails a month can be really trying on my brain sometimes. I definitely have tools and processes in place to help me stay on track, but it can definitely be hard to motivate myself to sit down in front of my laptop for hours at a time when I truly just want to be out taking pictures! 

The most rewarding part of everything I do is my clients. In all aspects–being present on their wedding day, being someone they trust to be vulnerable with, being the person that draws them out of their comfort zone. Literally being the person that helps them change their self-perception and SEE themselves through someone else’s eyes is the BEST. People are the best part. 

Where do you want your photography career to take you?

Many, many places. Haha

Physically, I’ve traveled the world as a photographer, and the fact that I can continue to do that and be taken amazing places… it’s so cool. 

I’m also working on being a part of the education world in photography. Speaking at conferences, creating tutorials, and teaching others about business is super rewarding for me–I don’t want others to have to make all the mistakes I did to be successful. 

But, my life goals have always been to travel and take pictures. So as my career furthers itself, that’s where I still want it to take me. 

What do you want potential clients to know about you?

I am here for YOU. My business is to serve YOU. I want people to have stunning images and memories, and I love being the vessel for that, but the best photographs for each person are the ones that transport them back to that moment and that feeling. It’s what I strive for and why I create. 

And also, I’m definitely a cat lady (but also dog lady and goat lady); I love lounging around and reading as much as I love days full of adventures… and that I 100% have to work hard to love myself every day. It doesn’t come naturally to me, it’s a process and it gets easier over time, but if I can love myself, you can too. I promise. 

The “Favorites”:

Color –  Burgundy

Animal (pet) – Cats. Bo (Earnest) is MY baby, but I love all the kitties. 

Animal (wild) – Do I sound like an 8-year-old if I say whales and dolphins? They’re literally the coolest. 

Snack – String cheese. Or just cheese. Preferably with bread. 

Meal/Cuisine – Thai foooood. And dumplings. But also Mexican. And Italian. Um… food. I like food. 

Dessert – Cake, of any variety except carrot or something with coconut. 

Candy – Dots & Mike & Ikes on the fruit side, Jr Mints and Kit Kats on the chocolate side

Coffee House Drink – Either cold brew or a latte, but at Starbucks I get 5 shots of espresso and cream over ice with one pump of cinnamon dolce. 

Cocktail – Torn between margaritas or Kentucky Mules or Old Fashioned’s. But in a bar? Whiskey on the rocks. 

Travel Destinations – Provence, France. All of Norway. All of Scotland. All of Australia. Ummmm all the places.

Famous Photographer – Irving Penn

Camera Lens – Sigma 35 Art. Almost never leaves my camera, like, ever.

Photo editor – (App?) Lightroom. 

Social Media Platform – Currently obsessed with TikTok. It makes me laugh and cry. 

Other App – The Pattern 

Hobby (outside photography) – Crafting! I bought a Cricut Maker and it makes my soul happy to just create things. Jewelry is my jam. 

Board Game – Settlers of Catan. Which I was once banned from playing in my house because of a competitive streak. 

Movie – Harry Potter(s). Or The Italian Job. Or Star Trek. Or Avatar. 

TV Show(s) – NCIS is my go-to to watch while editing, but FRIENDS and currently the Umbrella Academy and The Mandalorian. 

Author – Presently: Patrick Rothfuss or Sarah J Maas. I refuse to list JK, even though her books have had a crazy impact on my life. 

Book(s) – I literally can not answer this question. I have a library. Which barely scratches the surface. 

Playlist for a Bad Day – … I don’t know that I have one! But listening to Delta Rae on repeat. 

Playlist for a Good Day  – Home Office DJ (Apple Music)

Tattoo artists – Rūta, Ben Karnofsky, and Cody Bill Butler

Inspirational Quote – “Be as fearless as the women whose stories you have applauded.”

Smell – Sandalwood

Holiday – Probably Thanksgiving, but I celebrate it with my best friend’s family not my own! haha

Season – Summer. Give me sunshine. But also fall. 

Decade – 20s

Just For Funsies:

Talk about some of your tatts!

Currently obsessing over my newest one- national flowers of the most influential trips/countries I’ve visited. I just started it and it’s most likely going to be a half sleeve. My anchors are all the ships I’ve lived on. I have four tattoos that match with other people! 

Chat about your awesome support system!

My family is my rock-solid support system! My momma is one of my best friends, even though we’re pretty constantly at each other’s throats. But she is the person who answers my four facetime calls a day…. I also have an amazingly solid group of friends that have seen me through it all–and most are long-distance, which makes it even better when we can be together. 

How did you spend quarantine?

I read a LOT of books, which was just deeply needed for my soul. Besides that- taking care of the baby goats, getting chickens, working on our house and crafting, crafting, crafting. 

How do you decompress? Do you have a favorite self-care routine?

Reading is my easiest way to decompress. It lets me be “other places” easily and lets the rest of my busy brain calm down. 

Pretty much anything with water is self-care for me. At the ranch, we generally get in the pool every night before (sometimes after) dinner, which is just an “ahhhh” moment at the end of the day. But pool, hot tub, bathtub or shower… that’s 100% time for me to just relax. 

Where is your “happy” place?

The ranch is currently taking the lead for a physical space- but any time I’m in company that just makes me feel my best self. 

What’s your Hogwarts House?


Who would be your Disney sidekick?

Probably Hei-Hei. Possibly Bullseye. 

If you wrote an autobiography right now, what would the title be?

Everything They Told Me I Couldn’t Do, And I Did. 

Ready to Book With Carly?

If you are ready to book your own session with this incredible woman, contact her today! I promise you won’t regret it. A shoot with Carly is absolutely an unforgettable experience that you will look back on for the rest of your life!