PRSL: “I Am A Badass” Merch Is Live!

I Am A Badass -- Amber Goddess Designs & PRSL Collaboration Group Photo

Hello friends!

I am currently basking on a beach in beautiful Costa Rica, but I had to take a second to give a big shout out to my friends at Punk Rock Saves Lives (PRSL); they just launched the pre-sale for their “I AM A BADASS” merch, and I am OBSESSED!

If you’re in the Facebook group, then you probably know that a few of my 2020 Brand Ambassadors and friends got together in Reno for my birthday this year. If you follow me on social, you also probably have seen some of the photos we took for Amber Goddess Designs that weekend (that spring line! LOVE!). Well, we also got to preview the t-shirts for PRSL, and friends…every single badass babe in your life needs a piece of this merch!

The Merch

This merch. OMG.

Very simple. Very straight to the point. And Fierce AF!

I mentioned the t-shirt, but for babes that love loungewear? Check out those comfy sweatpants! “Badass.” No further explanation needed!

And for the babes looking for their new fave scoop neck tank? This one is available in black, AND an eye-catching electric blue! (Um, hi; we all know how I feel about blue!)

Both the t-shirt and tank rock “I am a Badass” on the front and “Empowered Women Empower Women” on the back. Not only is this merch super cute: it also goes to a great cause!

What Is Punk Rock Saves Lives?

PRSL is a mental health nonprofit organization based out of Denver, CO, and co-founded by the Someplace Images community’s very own Tina!

Inspired by the strong community ethos in the punk rock music scene, PRSL aims to break down negative stigmas through various artist-driven campaigns (including “Badass Women”!). 

On top of their various campaigns, PRSL is highly active at events of interest to the Punk Rock Community, such as shows and festivals. Through their platform, they promote positive community change in the areas of Health Concerns, Equal Rights, Human Rights, and more.

Badass Women Peer Support Group

I Am A Badass -- Amber Goddess Designs and PRSL Collaboration Group Picture

In collaboration with PRSL and Mable Syndrome, I have been participating in hosting “I Am A Badass: A Peer Support Group For Women” Zoom calls the last Tuesday of the month! It’s a great safe place to meet new babes and talk about anything and everything related to being a woman. All are welcome; keep an eye in the Facebook group and on the PRSL Facebook page for reminders for the next call!

If you’d like to order your own “I AM A BADASS” Merch, you can find it here. And, as always; if you’d like to book your own badass boudoir session…hit me up!



(Merch photos courtesy of Punk Rock Saves Lives.)