How To Be Spooky All Year Long

Someplace Images, Spooky Boudoir

Where are all my spooky babes at?!

I LOVE the holidays and embracing the change of the seasons, but Spooky Season is my absolute fave. Even with all of the holiday cheer everywhere, now that we’re a month out from Halloween I can’t help but mourn the loss of the creepy, cooky, and macabre.

Styled shoots have a special place in my heart, and in late September (right in the midst of all things eerie!) I did an AMAZING themed boudoir shoot with my friend Bri. I’ve been daydreaming about the shoot this week, and wanted to share it here with some tips to keep the spooky alive all year long!

Dark Home Decor

Someplace Images, Spooky Boudoir

To give your home a spooky essence all year long, look at your decor! You can be as bold as you want and incorporate skulls and other gothic and macabre details (or even leave your Halloween decor out year-round; no judgment here!), or you can go for subtle, luxe vibes. 

These LED candles, a dark wall with a black metal bed frame, and my crushed velvet duvet give just a touch of darkness to my own daily decor that I adore. Look at darker color palettes with pops of jewel tones, incorporate crystals and herbs into your decor for a witchy vibe, and find add darker elements to create your own spooky haven!

Fierce Fashion

Utilizing fashion is a great way to feel the spooky vibes! Whether you’re rocking full steampunk or gothic fashion or just incorporate little touches (corsets and lace, anyone?!), clothing is so versatile and can bring little sparks of joy every time you open the closet!

Check out those studded boots on Bri; fierce AF for a night out, and paired with the black lace lingerie adds a gothic twist to boudoir!

Devilish Details

The Devil’s in the Details, right??

Selecting accessories like this bold necklace, adding a creepy cameo pin to your fave cardigan, and embracing those deeper, darker tones in your cosmetics can make all the difference to keep the spooky mood! After all: a smokey eye and a vampy lip NEVER go out of style!

Find A Familiar

Someplace Images, Spooky Boudoir

Every witch needs a familiar, and every person needs a furry companion!

My kitty posed with Bri for these photos, and I just LOVE how they turned out! Whether you have your own critter already (some classic spooky choices include rats and hedgehogs!) or stop by your local shelter to pick up a black kitty of your own, being a responsible pet owner for your “creepy” critter can make you feel powerful and spooky all year long!

Book A Themed Boudoir Shoot

Someplace Images, Spooky Boudoir

If you really want to embrace the spooky year-round, why not schedule a themed boudoir shoot?! Witchy, vamp, gothic, steampunk, bondage…I would LOVE to help style your shoot and work with you to create images you will love.

If you’re interested in booking, shoot me an email at or fill out my boudoir inquiry form today, and let’s get spooky together!

Someplace Images, Spooky Boudoir Someplace Images, Spooky Boudoir

Someplace Images, Spooky Boudoir