Meet the Ambassador: Alex

Hello my lovelies!

Tonight I am excited to bring you a very special edition of #womancrushwednesday, because I’m featuring the OG Someplace Images Brand Ambassador, Alexandria!

This amazing, inspirational, and strong military babe and I actually connected over Instagram, and I honestly can say that she has played an important role in turning my community and ambassadorship program into what it is today.

If you’re ready to learn more about this FIERCE AF bombshell, keep reading!

Alex the Brand Ambassador

Someplace Images Brand Ambassador Alex Someplace Images Brand Ambassador Alex

Alex has been part of the Someplace Images boudoir community for a while, and she has a lot to say about her experience!

“This community truly brings tears to my eyes and joy to my heart. I used to stand for everything everyone else wanted and never knew my own values. This community of positivity and self-love is one of the things I’m most proud of in my life. The way people come as they are and learn to love themselves a centimeter or miles and miles more, Realizing that I, as an Ambassador, helped that change occur- it’s a gift!”

“I’m excited to one day, hopefully, help create in-person retreats for women of the Someplace Boudoir community.  Fun house and location to explore, food, dance parties, deep connecting conversations, yoga and meditation, and of course boudoir images.”

Alex’s Favorites

Someplace Images Brand Ambassador Alex

Color – Cobalt blue and magenta pink

Animal  – Dogs (pet), Lion (wild)

Snack – Gimme all the SNACKS! If I had to choose- French Fries 😋

Meal/Cuisine – A juicy hunk of salmon and roasted veggies 🤤

Dessert – Creme brûlée

Coffee House Drink – Decaf Oat, Almond, or Coconut Milk Latte

Cocktail – Kombucha or any sparkling mocktail

Travel Destination – Bali, California, Florida, Brazil, Mexico, Greece, Europe… really anywhere 😂

Social Media Platform – Facebook or Instagram

Other App – The Pattern App and Insight Timer

Hobby  – Hiking, biking, connecting deeply with other humans, racing

Board Game – Cranium, Pictionary, Scattegories, Taboo

Movie – Burlesque

TV Show – Ozarks

Author – Brene Brown

Books – “We Are the Luckiest”; “Dare to Lead”

Playlist for a Bad Day  – My Surrender playlist

Playlist for a Good Day – My self-titled playlist!

Tattoo artist  – Shannon Faber; Love her work but have not been her subject

Inspirational Quote – “Life is rigged in your favor.”

Smell – Rose/fresh roses, clean linen, fresh-cut grass

Holiday – 4th of July

Season – Summer

Decade – 90’s

Just For Funsies!

Someplace Images Brand Ambassador Alex Someplace Images Brand Ambassador Alex Someplace Images Brand Ambassador Alex

I asked Alex a few more of my burning questions!

Talk about some of your tatts (if you have them)!

Every tattoo I have gotten with someone who means a lot to me. 1 with My stepmom, 1 with my best friend, 1 with my 2 sisters, 1 with another best friend, and another with another best friend.

How have you been spending quarantine?

Scrolling socials, interacting in the group, finished my degree, eating more than I’d like to admit, and now since this thing has been dragging out I’m getting out of being mopey and getting outside more, changing my eating habits, and looking to connect and feel better in my body.

How do you decompress? Do you have a favorite self-care routine?

Meditation, letting myself feel emotions and cry, moving my body in a way that is more about fun than forcing. I am always aspiring to have routines, but I do not.

Where is your “happy” place?

My backyard and in general with people that I cherish and can be myself and laugh with.

Who would be your Disney sidekick?

Goofy – I feel like we would be able to laugh and be silly- that’s what life is really about and I don’t do it enough.

If you wrote an autobiography right now, what would the title be?

“Choosing Me”

One Last Note From Alex

Someplace Images Brand Ambassador Alex

“I have realized in my world, my body is a direct reflection of how I am treating it and the circumstances that are occurring in my life. That being said, my weight fluctuates a lot as I unlearn bad habits, learn new ones, and heal myself from the past while releasing fear of the future. My body has brought me through it all whether I’m a size 6 or a size 14. Body positivity to me is going first, loving my body through all of these already mentioned stages, so others can do the same for themselves.”

Someplace Images Brand Ambassador Alex Someplace Images Brand Ambassador Alex

Someplace Images Brand Ambassador Alex

Someplace Images Brand Ambassador Alex




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Someplace Images Brand Ambassador Alex