Dark & Whimsical | Alternative Gothic Wedding Inspiration | Styled Bridal Shoot

I have not been able to stop thinking about this shoot.

I’m not kidding.

I love everything about my job, and every shoot is special. But spooky vibes have a special place in my heart, so getting to make this shoot happen was magical for me.

I mean, themed shoots = life, am I right??

This particular styled shoot was broken up into two settings: a darker, more spooky wedding ceremony vibe, and a whimsical, alternative outdoor experience. The juxtaposition showcases the personality of this shoot (and this couple) perfectly, and it’s spectacular to see just how well the gothic vibe blends with the bright fall foliage.

By the way…there’s no better time than Halloween to share these with you!

Dark & Enchanting Wedding Inspiration

Down to every last detail, this shoot was spectacular. The dripping candles, the personalization of having the Jeep in the backdrop, the spooky apothecary complete with skulls and bones to spare…everything about this shoot was breathtaking.


A Vision of Alternative Fall Bridal Whimsy

A complete 180 from the previous scenery, the bright fall foliage brings joy and whimsy to our dark vibes! The contrast is beautiful, and the fun touches of the unique masks and the clear love and joy exhibited by the couple just makes the magic of it all shine.




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