4 Reasons You And Your S.O. Need To Do Couples Boudoir

Couples boudoir photo by Someplace Images.

Couples Boudoir. You hear it, and it sends a delicious shiver down your spine, right?

These are those photos that always leave you blown away. The intimacy, the chemistry, the magic…it’s visible in every raw, beautiful image of the two of you. And it’s something you get to keep forever.

I know, I know. Couples boudoir seems a little scary, right? It’s a whole different ball game than one-on-one boudoir shots. Maybe you think you’ll be too self-conscious. Maybe you assume your partner would never go for it.

Well babes, think again.

I am here to tell you that couples boudoir can absolutely change your relationship in an incredible way. That kind of shared vulnerability will push your boundaries and lead you to new discoveries. You may find things a little awkward at first when you’re letting go of your nervous energy; this is the perfect opportunity to laugh it out and grow together!

I promise you that this experience is one you will never forget.

Personally, I think every couple should do boudoir at least once in their lives together. It lets you see each other in a whole new way, to challenge each other, to inspire each other.

Every couple is unique. Every love should be showcased. You and your S.O. should ABSOLUTELY do a boudoir shoot together…and this is why!

Strengthen Your Connection

Couples Boudoir photo by Someplace Images.

I’m sure you’ve experienced instances where working together as a team creates a stronger bond between you. Couples boudoir is like that…but more.

When you each strip down and take risks, you give each other a peek into your vulnerable sides. You find a deeper connection doing something together that you may never have otherwise experienced. You can even find an adrenaline rush together because boudoir IS work; I am there to support you every step of the way, and you will walk away from the session feeling the afterglow of that advancement of your bond…and have photos to save the memory for a lifetime.

Ignite Your Passion


You won’t be having it during the session, but the build-up and ambiance will be delicious!

You will get caught up in the moment. You will feel that spark between you that makes your relationship oh so good. And you will always get to remember the way you look at each other in the heat of passion. Because THAT is what Couples boudoir does; it can be fun and flirty, but at its roots, it captures the physical bond and desire in every touch…innocent or not!

Push Your Boundaries

Couples Boudoir photo by Someplace Images. Couples Boudoir photo by Someplace Images.

You are going to push boundaries. Whether your big hurdle is jumping into this session together, or whether you explore a little more during your session…You are going to learn more about each other and discover new ways to play.

We can explore some levels of kink, including Shibari (the Japanese art of rope binding) and other bondage. Steamy bath and shower photos? We can do that, too. If you have something you’d like to explore, let’s talk before your session!

Celebrate Your Love

Couples Boudoir photo by Someplace Images.

Ultimately, celebrating your unique love and relationship is what couples boudoir is all about. Your session is catered entirely toward you.

You have a connection unlike any other, and that should be showcased and preserved for your memory. From joy and silliness to sultry and lustful, I aim to capture every moment of your special bond. Whether you plan to keep the photo album to pull out later for fun or want to hang the images on your walls to have the daily reminder of the beauty of your love, you deserve to have every one of those perfect moments available to transport you back in time.

Book Your Session

Couples Boudoir photo by Someplace Images.

If you are interested in a couples boudoir session, I’d love to chat!

I promise your session will be an experience that you and your lover will never forget.

Contact me and let’s get started!