Every Woman Should Do Boudoir

Someplace Images Brand Ambassador, Magda

Boudoir is for every body. That’s right; I said what I said!

Willowy and thin? Boudoir is for you. Curvy and voluptuous? Yes, you, too! Every body is beautiful, and yes, every body is perfect for boudoir photography.

After spending time with me, you will see yourself as I see you: a badass, strong, powerful, wondrous woman. I am honored and humbled at every reveal at the end of my sessions. I can’t tell you how many women get excited, scream, or even cry…“I can’t believe that’s me!”

Often, you may notice that I’m crying with you. Why? Because yes, you beautiful, amazing creature. That is you, and you deserve the chance to see how spectacular you are.

Boudoir is empowering and invigorating and can sometimes even be life-altering. It’s why I spend most of my time as a professional boudoir photographer; I love being a part of your self-love journey!

If you aren’t sold yet, that’s okay! There are so many reasons that I love boudoir. And now I’m going to share a few of them with you!


Boost Your Confidence

Someplace Images Brand Ambassador, Robin

First and foremost, boudoir is one of the most empowering things you can do for yourself. Sure, you might be booking a bridal boudoir session for a groom gift or planning a surprise for your significant other; but once you set foot inside my studio, it is all about YOU.

I’m there every step of the way to be your biggest cheerleader. You will be pampered. You will be praised. I will yell “YESSSSSS QUEEN!” at you while you pose, and I promise that you will leave your session feeling like we have been friends all our lives.

And once you see those pictures? You will understand just how beautiful, charming, and mysterious you truly can be! You will end our day feeling so good about yourself because that’s exactly how you should feel; your body is absolutely perfect in every way, even if you don’t see it quite yet.


See Yourself From A New Angle

Someplace Images Brand Ambassador, AlexSpeaking of those pictures…you won’t be able to stop staring!

Shake off the weight of your day to day and step into my studio. You’re going to test yourself like never before, work for these photos, and have an amazing time. At the end of the day, you will have photos you are proud of and a whole new respect for yourself and your body.

When you experience boudoir with Someplace Images, it is a whole new outlook. You can stop nit-picking the things that make you insecure; those things are what make you unique, and once you see yourself in all of your glory, you won’t mind them as much!


Embrace Yourself For All That You Are

I pride myself on being a body-positive boudoir photographer. 

But Carly, what does that mean?

Simply put: I love your body for all that you are naturally, feel that you should, too, and I’m not going to airbrush your photos until you’re unrecognizable. When you hire me, I am going to help you every step of the way: wardrobe choices, hair, makeup, poses. Put your faith in me, and I will make you look AMAZING, stretch marks and all!

The pimple that popped up overnight? That I’ll zap. But my boudoir photos are 100% completely and utterly YOU. You should feel good all the time, which means seeing the beauty in your faults. And you won’t believe how beautiful you truly are.


Strike A Pose

Someplace Images Brand Ambassador, Katie

Believe it or not, those poses you see in boudoir photos are not always easy or natural to achieve! And, like everything else, poses are not flattering or practical for every person.

A lot of the time, women believe that boudoir isn’t body positive for one reason: camera angle and pose. A lot of photographers use the same poses for all of their clients, which just isn’t practical or helpful; it doesn’t showcase you to the best of your ability.

I have spent a lot of time honing my skills so that I know just how to pose you, no matter your body type. Even better? I will never ask you to do a pose that I can’t do, and I will demonstrate each and every pose I ask you to do! Some of them may not be comfortable, but man, is the end result worth every ache; you’ll want to stretch before your session!


Treat Yourself To A Day You’ll Never Forget!

Someplace Images Brand Ambassador, Kayla

Last, but certainly not least: when you treat yourself to a boudoir session, you give yourself access to an amazing, empowering experience that you will never forget!

From minute one, all of my focus is on you and making sure that you are comfortable. We will spend time making hair and makeup choices together, talking through my wardrobe and props, getting comfortable in my studio space, and just getting to know one another.

When you come in, you may be nervous; that’s absolutely okay! By the time you leave, I guarantee that you will feel like the powerful, beautiful goddess that you are.

So, I’ll say it again: boudoir is perfect for every woman.

What’s stopping you?!

Book a session today!


Someplace Images Brand Ambassador, Kelsi