Well, Hello!

Woo woo! Can we bust out the champagne glass emojis? I am so excited to be launching a new website during one of my favorite weeks of the year- My birthday week! Other things I’m doing for business this week? Choosing winners for my Engagement Session Giveaway, and a sa-weeet surprise that y’all will get to hear about on Friday… because I love to give pictures and pictures make me happy!

Just a super awesome shout out to all of the amazing people who reviewed my site over and over again, clicked every button for me and gave me wonderful feedback for this site. It’s been a work in progress for a couple months and I wanted to be able to offer the best experience for anyone who happens to stumble upon my lil ‘ol website.


Stay tuned for some new blog content coming up soon- ideas are being cooked up and mulled over for your visual pleasure!


Lots of love and of course….






Oh, PS. Also super cool and exciting things, I had two photos voted into the top 100 photos of two different categories in the Shoot and Share Photo Contest… as well as a few other in top spots! You can check them out here: Shoot & Share



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