There is no 

greater agony

than bearing an

inside you

untold story

 - Maya Angelou

I am a story teller. 

Anyone who has ever met me can tell you so. I tell stories with my hands, with the mouth of a sailor, with too much back story, loudly and with dramatic explanation. 

But anyone who has ever met me will tell you that I tell different stories, better stories, through the way that I see you. 

I see the deep breath you take before you see your bride the first time with your hands shaking and how your lips purse, telling yourself you won't cry. I see the hint of a euphoric smile after every kiss. I see the giggles coming on when you're sitting close and nervous to be displaying your affection in front of my big grey lens. 

What you don't see is me crying behind that big grey lens when you say your vows, holding each other's shaking hands still. You don't see me doing summersaults inside when the sunlight glows the same way you smile at one another. 

It's hard to look in the mirror and see yourself the way that I see you. Trust that I understand not always loving the reflection staring back at you, but also trust that under the circumstances where you and I meet, and I get to tell your story, your reflection is not what I see. 

These moments that I talk about? They are all around, entwined between you and those who hold your soul close. You may not see them everyday, but I do. And those life changing days? Time stops and flies on days like that, and I've been working my whole life to be able to find ways to savor them, and to share them. I was devastated to find that my grandparents only have two pictures (that I can find) from their wedding. My parents have a few more, and when I found their wedding album at the age of 12, I was fascinated. Even now, I can get lost in their moments- my mother stress smoking a cigarette in her corset, her hot pink streak of hair to match her bridesmaid dresses, my dad having a beer with his friends, my cousin as the cutest flower girl. 

That album is part of MY story. Those genuine moments of stress, chaos, laughter and love continue to swirl through my parent's relationship and the life they have built for our family. 

Telling stories is the most important thing in my life. Seeing and getting a chance to share your story makes my heart skip a beat, gives me misty eyes and reminds me that there is magic in this world... it just takes a little time to see it.  

I'm Carly.


So… more about me. 

I hate to talk about myself, for one, so believe me, this is hard to write. So I’ll just give you some facts. 

I live in Lake Tahoe, California (and Nevada). My family has been in Lake Tahoe since 1929 and my great-great grandfather built his summertime resort and photo studio (it runs in the family!) in 1935, and my office is the only remaining building that our family still owns. His amazing photographs decorate my office walls and grace the pages of many Tahoe books and his more than 16,000 negatives reside in the California Historic Society’s archives in Sacramento. His legacy of photographs is one of the things that initially attracted me to being a photographer, and this year I will be working on digitally restoring some of his more famous photographs. 

I have a BFA in Photography from Savannah College of Art and Design. I lived and studied in the gorgeous, historic city of Savannah for all but one term of my undergrad career. That other term was spent living in the tiny little village of Lacoste, France at Lacoste School of the Arts.

 Living in Savannah and France gave me a new set of desires for the world: living in the warmth and traveling! 

After university, I moved back to Tahoe for a little minute before moving to Seattle and managed to talk my way on to the F/V Wizard, one of the crab fishing boats featured on Discovery Channel’s The Deadliest Catch. My uncle, Monty Colburn, the co-captain for the Wizard, was somehow convinced by a pleading, twenty-three year old me to let me journey across the Gulf of Alaska from Seattle to Dutch Harbor onboard the Wizard, spending time documenting daily, non-fishing life. Nine days, one “mild” storm that involved a full ship blackout, and a lot of jokes later, we reached Dutch Harbor. I spent two days exploring, driving around searching for wild horses and causing a ruckus with one of the crew member’s girlfriends and my uncle before flying back to my new home in Portland. Before I even had time to process the impact that the trip on the Wizard had made on my life, I found myself searching for another adventure. 

One of my friends messaged me to tell me that, “while it’s very different from the ship you were just on, Norwegian Cruise Lines just offered me a job and I’m not going to take it…" So I did. Lo and behold, NCL was holding a hiring fair in Portland the next day, so I took it as a sign and an opportunity and went. 

Three weeks later I had a full interview with the photo hiring manager and a week after that was offered a position onboard a ship that traveled internationally on a weekly basis. 

Fast forward a few months to find myself sitting in a dining room onboard the Norwegian Pearl, surrounded by people who look a little lost, a little bewildered and others who look completely at home. I found myself sitting next to another sassy American girl (I had no idea what a rarity being American was) who was also being hired on as a photographer. The day I stepped on that ship, my life changed in ways I could have never imagined possible. I met some of the most amazing friends from all around the world, I traveled to more than 20 countries while working and I found myself in gorgeous, sun drenched tropical places every single day. 

Three months into my first contract, on my 24th (and Golden) birthday, I was given a promotion to become a Portrait Artist for NCL’s private photo studio, Perspectives. Less than two weeks later, at a nightclub in the Bahamas, I dislocated my knee and was medically debarked from the ship when we returned to Miami. NCL flew me home and put me through physical therapy, asking me to return (and start) my job in the studio onboard a different ship, the Norwegian Gem.

The process of starting over... making friends and navigating a new (but sister) ship was daunting, but my life on the Gem became my new love. Running a private studio gave me the opportunity to expand my knowledge in my craft, have photo sessions on private islands and run around the ship in what I deem the “Little Black Dress” portion of my life. I captured weddings and vow renewals every single week, photographed hundreds of family and couples sessions and had the absolute time of my life. My life and ship changed yet again in November of 2013, when I was given a few days notice of a ship transfer. 

The Norwegian Jewel became my new home just as I formally accepted a position with a different ship, different company and completely different lifestyle. Semester at Sea had offered me the position of documentary photographer for Summer 2014 term. I resigned from Norwegian Cruise Lines while sitting on the beach in St. Kitt’s, dreaming of the adventures I was soon to be having in Europe during the summer. 

Semester at Sea was a life changing experience. I was the youngest staff member (at the age of 25) and felt a little out of place in the faculty and staff lounge for the first few days. My colleagues, and specifically my “boss”, Kara, are some of the most amazing educators and professionals in their fields and I found myself surrounded with amazing minds, an overall passion for travel and wonderful souls who made me feel incredibly at home. 

The summer flew by as we traveled through England, Portugal, Spain, Scotland, Ireland, Norway, Russia, Sweden, Finland and Poland. I found myself in a completely new role that I had never foreseen- Mentor. To this day, I have a group of students from that voyage that call me for anything from application help to travel advice. Seeing Northern Europe and Scandinavia from an educational perspective was completely eye opening and changed so much about the way that I travel. 

Rather than suffer from post-travel depression…. I asked for my job back at NCL. I returned to the Norwegian Jewel for two months before yet another transfer to the Norwegian Sun. Two weeks into my crazy, full tilt life on the Norwegian Sun, I resigned again. There were so many things that I had loved about ships, but so many things that I had experienced in my time away from them that I was realizing that I wanted, including running my own business. Plans started forming and I moved back to Tahoe once again to prepare for a new adventure: Australia. 

I moved to Australia in October of 2015 with the plan of opening a new studio with a friend. Because life happens and plans change, I ended up opening Someplace Images by myself in January of 2016. I spent my time traveling, meeting beautiful souls and finding out a lot about myself.

 I road tripped through Queensland and Victoria, sailed in the Whitsundays, learned to dive on the Great Barrier Reef and used McDonald’s free wifi to book weddings while traveling. Eight months of amazing travel later, I returned to my home base, Lake Tahoe to hit the ground running- documenting weddings, being a bridesmaid, catching up on the life I had been missing and returning to my go-go-go lifestyle of live music, wine nights, jetting off to Europe and spending time with my family and close friends. As 2017 is really starting to get underway, my love of traveling and weddings is taking center stage as Someplace Images turns two! 


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