Meet the Ambassador: Magda

Someplace Images Brand Ambassador Magda

Hello, friends!

For #womancrushwednesday today, I want to introduce you to a bombshell of a badass babe: my brand ambassador, Magda!

A little background: I first met this fierce woman when we were both at SCAD. We were both assigned to a student film, and the bond was immediate! After the film was done, we immediately teamed up for a new project because we had such great creative chemistry together. We both only wish we would have met sooner; who knows what kind of amazing projects we could have explored!

Magda the Brand Ambassador

Someplace Images Brand Ambassador Magda in her own lingerie line, Amber Goddess Designs Someplace Images Brand Ambassador Magda


This impressive babe is a professional costume designer and crafter, and I am so excited to share that she is launching her personal custom lingerie line, Amber Goddess Designs, TODAY!

To celebrate this incredible accomplishment, I wanted to catch up with Magda and share a little more about her with all of you!

What do you think of the Someplace Boudoir community?

I love every single person in the Someplace community, whether I know them in person or not. It’s the most open and trusting place and I adore being a part of it.

What makes you the most excited about your Ambassadorship for Someplace Images?

Being able to represent women of all sizes in a beautiful light, and prove that we can be sexy and strong too!

Magda’s Favorites

Someplace Images Brand Ambassador Magda

Color – Purple

Animal  – Cats as a pet, most birds for wild–probably finches or crows; I have a lot of flying dreams! haha

Snack – Cake or Chips

Meal/Cuisine – Sushi

Dessert – Cake or ice cream (clearly I like cake and can’t put it in a category!)

Candy – Sour Patch Watermelon

Coffee House Drink – Latte

Cocktail – French 77

Dream Travel Destination – The UK would be awesome!

Social Media Platform – Facebook

Other App – Instagram

Hobby  – Roller derby. Otherwise all my hobbies I’ve turned into my job!

Board Game – Clue

Movie – Hocus Pocus

TV Show – Mad Men

Author – Too many to choose!

Book – Harry Potter (but not the author right now)

Playlist for a Bad Day  – Down at the Gym Just Working on My Fitness

Playlist for a Good Day (Untitled)

Tattoo artist  – IG: @anderummel and @ellenrummel and would love to get one from @littlejensmall soon!

Inspirational Quote – “It’s ok to fail.” My graduate professor Tyler Tunney shouted this at me. The point being that you just need to try!

Smell – Cinnamon rolls just out of the oven

Holiday – Halloween

Season – Fall

Decade – 1960s

Just For Funsies!

Someplace Images Brand Ambassador Magda

I asked Magda just a few more questions to really dig in and have a little more to share!

Talk about some of your tatts (if you have them)!

My first was a large Phoenix tattoo on my back for when I switched majors in grad school bits a reminder that I can come up out of bad things and make myself new again. My wrist has a needle, thread, pin cushion, and tape measure- for my life-long love of my career in costuming. My ankle is for when I broke my ankle playing roller derby- a bumblebee sewing up my ankle. My smallest is on my hip with a broom saying “Resting Witch Face,” and I also have a large witch flying on my side because I’m into spooky stuff.

How have you been spending quarantine?

Doing a lot less than I thought I would, but after running myself ragged for so many years I’m actually very ok with that.

How do you decompress? Do you have a favorite self-care routine?

Sometimes I just sit in my car when I get home in silence and clear my mind. I live alone so it’s not to escape from anyone, but I feel like it can be the most quiet in there and I can just breathe and restart.

Where is your “happy” place?

In a pumpkin patch when it’s cool outside

What’s your Hogwarts House?


Who would be your Disney sidekick?

Maybe not a sidekick, but Ursula

If you wrote an autobiography right now, what would the title be?

Maybe the next five-year plan will work out.

One Last Note From Magda

Someplace Images Brand Ambassador Magda

“While we don’t always have to love all of ourselves all the time, loving even part of ourselves is the first step. It’s ok to stumble, and even go back sometimes, as long as in the end we don’t dwell constantly on what other people think. Our own thoughts are the only ones we can control, so spread that love on yourself and others.”


Someplace Images Brand Ambassador Magda

Someplace Images Brand Ambassador Magda Someplace Images Brand Ambassador Magda

Someplace Images Brand Ambassador Magda

Someplace Images Brand Ambassador Magda in her own lingerie, Amber Goddess Designs




Ready to book and join my body positivity movement? Contact me today!

Want to order from Magda’s lingerie line? Find Amber Goddess Designs on Etsy NOW!

If you’re interested in becoming a brand ambassador for Someplace Images, make sure you join my Facebook group and keep an eye out; applications open in early 2021!


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