Webcam Playful Polaroids: A Vintage Boudoir Vibe in the Age of Social Distancing

Brand ambassador Kayla gives the camera a sultry look in a flannel shirt.

With social distancing trending as “the new normal”, it was time to take a new look at something I love: creative boudoir photography styles!

A part of my heart thinks these sessions are so incredibly special, and I love playing with destroyed film techniques while I’m editing to spice them up and make them look like ACTUAL vintage polaroids! I just want to light up your day and give you something to cherish from this unique period of time in our lives.

What You’ll Need

First and foremost, you will need excellent internet or cell phone service in your home so that we can capture the best possible images from your cell phone!

Secondly…Zoom (Android) and FaceTime (iPhone) are useful for boudoir. Who knew?! Please make sure that you have one of them downloaded and ready to go!

Your Space

One of the main concerns I’ve heard is that you may not think you have enough space or you don’t love what your house looks like.

Boo, I promise you, I got you. I just need a window and some clean space–that’s it!

 I promise: my years of posing and directing can make a LOT happen in a little space and simultaneously make you feel like a rockstar every single minute!

Ways to Get THAT Pic

Brand Ambassador Alex strikes a dramatic pose in her linear black and white shot.Vintage Queen Magda strikes a pose across the room on her red couch.


I highly suggest having a smartphone tripod. It is NOT essential to have the tripod, but it is extremely helpful and will allow me to get the BEST images of you!

(Please check the delivery dates before ordering so we can schedule accordingly!)

As I mentioned, you do not have to have a tripod. 

We can find other ways around this, including having a roommate or significant other assist, so don’t sweat it if you don’t think you’ll use the tripod again! One awesome hack from one of my brand ambassadors? You can place your phone in a coffee mug, then place it on a plant stand!

The Disclaimer

Webcam Sessions are NOT a replacement for an in-person boudoir session…But they are giving me the opportunity to shoot with so many people in different places!

These are small, quick, ‘just for fun’,  and a great way to uplift your morale and have a fun distraction during a stressful and lonely time. I can also shoot 2-3 a day, so I will get the opportunity to shoot with MANY of you that may not have otherwise had the opportunity!

You cannot expect to get the same results as we get in a studio, where I have access to you, my professional equipment, and incredible lighting. But you can expect to have fun and do something other than watch Netflix again for 12 hours!

Final images will be extremely low resolution. The digital files will be fun to have on your phone! Remember that you won’t be able to print these yourself as they will look like trash if you do, BUT that is why I have an add on of 10 actual Polaroid prints for an additional $50! (Talk about something cute and fun for you or your significant other!)

Results will vary greatly based on the phone you have, your internet/cellular connection, your space, the quality of light, etc.

Brand Ambassador Katie throws a glance over her shoulder as she steps into her shower.    Brand Ambassador Tina leans on her arm while laying on her bed.   Brand Ambassador Kelsi lays on her bed and gives the camera a sultry look from across the room.   Brand Ambassador Kayla rocks a white t-shirt.

Prepping for Your Session

Before your session, you will need to send me 360-degree pics of your home–yes, each room–so that I can best determine where we should shoot. Please take the images during the day so I can see the natural light! (If you’d like to do these outside, you can also send me pictures of your yard space and we can find some neat spots!)

Pick out your wardrobe (or go nekkid).

Bra + panties are sufficient, or a sexy t-shirt, kimono, bathing suit…literally whatever you feel comfortable and sexy in! If you need help let me know; I love helping you find the perfect outfit!

Don’t worry too much about hair and makeup.

Feel free to go all out if you feel fancy! Mascara and a bold lip would stand out most, or do nothing. Raw is just as fun, and shows an amazing vulnerability that is sensual all on its own!

I will coach you on how to clear your space, where to put your phone and how to angle it.

I will still give you posing tips and plenty of direction, and I will always cheer you on!!

If someone is home with you who wants to help, that would be awesome! If your roommate/significant other wants to hold the phone while I am shooting, it would be an option to help me get some awesome shots!

Brand Ambassador Kayla wraps herself in a blanket with one hand, the other on her hip, knee out.

A Final Word

I will only be offering these sessions between now and May 1st.

My Playful Polaroid webcam sessions are unique, different for each individual, and most definitely nothing like the experience of a regular boudoir photography session with me, which is why they are a fraction of the price. But I promise you that I will still scream “YASS QUEEN! GET IT!!” from your phone at you, just like during a real session!

Please email me at if you are interested in this session!

We’ll be able to pick a date and time and get started right away; I absolutely cannot wait to share this experience with you!

If you are a client who was supposed to have their session between March 18 – May 3 and I have had to move you due to the shutdown, this session is on me as a thank you for your patience and flexibility during all of this. Please EMAIL me so that we can book your Playful Polaroid session!


Brand Ambassador Magda stretches beautifully on her couch.

Brand Ambassador Robin wraps herself in a furry blanket, looking over her shoulder away from the camera.

Brand Ambassador Alex throws her head back in a sultry pose.    Brand Ambassador Kelsi crouches on her bed and looks toward the window.

Brand Ambassador Tina brushes her hair gently behind her ear, eyes closed, lips parted.